Education is the great losing battle of politicians. Their focus is on the economy, on ideological debates, and looking out for their own interests.

But where we risk the present and the future of this country, Europe, and society, in general, is in schools and universities; places where the people who will lead the world are shaped.

At Fineza we are committed to education by helping those involved and providing them with value.

We know that the important thing is to listen to the sector’s needs, aspirations, situation, and concerns; from this active listening, we provide solutions that, on many occasions, the owners of educational institutions have never considered.

Solutions to grow organically or inorganically, solutions to expand into other markets, solutions to bring in a financial or strategic partner.

During a time of ample opportunities, Finenza offers the sector a team of established professionals, a background of successfully executed operations, experience in going beyond the initial demands of customers, and always creating value for all parties.

Names such as IMF Business School, SEK Group, King’s Group, the WorkandLife group of in-company nursery schools or the Inspired fund, make up the list of the greatest educational players that have relied on Finenza for their corporate and strategic development.

We have capabilities and access to national and international buyers and sellers, helping them come up with imaginative and realistic options. All of this driven by transparency and professionalism in and deep knowledge of a sector full of opportunities.

We help owners see present and future businesses, we put ourselves in their shoes, and we are part of their team. But we go further, in the search of quality education at all stages, we do not stop at mere transactions, but we help create educational groups with synergies, profitability, and which shape accomplished professionals.

Finenza remains a company of people, serving people.

La consolidación de este sector vía operaciones corporativas es una realidad en la que Finenza está trabajando con diferentes actores, y que permitirá alcanzar niveles de industria desarrollada internacionalmente, al estilo del sector en UK y USA.

Beatriz García
Senior Director Finenza