All investments have an impact. The activities in which we invest leave a mark that can be positive or negative. For this reason, in 2008, Finenza created MicroFinenza, a division specialized in microfinance investments, and subsequently expanded to impact investments, for our institutional clients and family offices who are determined to generate social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.
MicroFinenza are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.
And it is not only about mitigating certain risks or avoiding negative practices, but also about having the intention of generating a positive impact.
At MicroFinenza we want to be part of the solution.




We advise fund managers in their activities with institutional investors who invest in companies with positive social impact. In other words, we act as a “matchmaker” in Impact Investment in the sectors: Health and Well-being, Environmental sustainability, Education and Social innovation.



Microfinance main goal is to expand financial services to those who, historically, have been excluded from traditional banking services. Our funds connect investors with those who really need it, offering them help and profitability at the same time.



We detect the specialized investors in the different regions to promote through direct and co-investment transaction,invest in women and men entrepreneurs, communities or small businesses … So they can carry out their business initiatives through financing adapted to their economic needs.



We offer consulting services to create, tailored, socially responsible investment programs for clients interested in a product with which to obtain not only financial profitability but social profitability for their company.


Chinese Proverb

“Do not give them fish, teach them to fish”


Finenza aims to facilitate those excluded from the formal financial system the means to develop their business initiatives, both individually and collectively, through funding adapted to their economic needs.


By providing these financial tools, we must be careful and ensure that the products are
appropriate for both: the market and customers.

SMART Campaign

This is how the SMART Campaign on Client Protection, arises. An organization resulting from a global effort of all the agents involved in the microfinance industry whose main objective is to protect the final customer. Finenza is a Smart CampaignSupporter.

Finenza is Smart Campaign Supporter

The Smart Campaign Logo

At Finenza we support the social activity of the real estate servicer SATEK in its management of adjudicated assets in depressed areas and vulnerable social environments, in which it carries out important assistance and socio-labor integration work, providing solutions adapted to the environment and capacities of its tenants, which makes it the undisputed leader in this segment and almost the only player in the market.

SATEK prevents the deterioration of real estate portfolios, carries out the community administration and management of assets, manages the processing of licenses, assumes the completion of incomplete or looted works, facilitates the identification of dispersed assets and guarantees the surveillance and protection of real estate, generating income and increasing the value of assets, which in the medium term will be owned by a significant percentage of tenants. All this, working in a network with other social agents such as NGOs, municipal services and Social Welfare Services of the Autonomous Communities and Provincial Council.


Finenza is reinforcing the implementation of the principles of responsible investment and is committed to sustainable investment as a strategy to manage global risks. In our activity, we are committed to initiatives that respect the environment and that contribute to preventing and mitigating climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.


As part of our Social Responsability plan, we find sponsorship, a purely philanthropic activity except for the satisfaction of contributing to make possible the ends of the supported activities. Finenza supports young emerging artists in the development of their artistic activity.

We firmly believe in a philanthropic culture through which we seek to promote social and cultural change.

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