Advisory Board, Finenza

Andrés Serra

Renowned Chilean businessman, Andrés Serra has held various management positions in various industrial sectors, including: Director of the Eperva fishery; the Chilean holding Angelini; Cementos Polpaico, one of the main cement and ready-mix concrete companies in Chile; of the construction company Besalco, and director of the Indisa Clinic.

He has also been an advisor to Société Générale for the region and president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chile.

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1. What changes / trends do you think will occur in our sector?

I think there is one of medium deals where large structures have a hard time being able to participate. You have to have a structure of recurring and variable fees, so as not to be too exposed. In addition, I would highlight the closeness to customers and … full accountability.

2. In your opinion, what is the aspect of Finenza's culture that differentiates us from the rest?

The sense of group and loyalty, it is a family away from home in which we take care of each other. Also, extreme professionalism.

3. On a personal level, if you looked back, what would you highlight?

The deep friendships I have made. They are not too many, but not too few. Relationships work with sincerity in time over interests. Same concept with my brothers and obviously my family

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