Independent boutique specialized in the areas of
Capital Raising and Investment Banking

We represent and connect companies and investment managers with institutional investors and family offices.

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Together we will achieve greater diversification and return from your investments

Our main activities

Capital Raising

We advise fund managers in their activities with institutional investors focusing on those specialized alpha generators and alternative investment in private equity, infrastructure, renewable energy, real estate and microfinance.

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Investment Banking

We provide independent financial advice to medium sized companies looking to expand into new markets, grow through mergers and acquisitions, seek new partners and access capital markets.

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Why work with Finenza?

We are flexible and efficient.

Experienced and diverse team.

Full time dedication

Advanced system for the process of "MATCHMAKING" between customers and investors.

Selective in the projects/partnerships in which we engage.

Integrity is not negotiable.

Geared to achieving our clients' objectives.

What is our international coverage?

We cover the markets of Western Europe, Latin America and the Middle East through our offices and partners.