Microfinance is an asset with double profitability:
economic performance and social impact

The main purpose of microfinance is to expand financial services to groups of people with low income, who have historically been excluded from traditional banking services, and help them improve their lives.

From the developed world, Microfinance Funds Investors connect with people in need, offering help and profitability at the same time.

Our microfinance program has allowed entrepreneurs both women and men, communities, villages and small businesses to access financial resources in order to carry out their business initiatives.

Finenza aims to facilitate those excluded from the formal financial system the means to develop their business initiatives, both individually and collectively, through funding adapted to their economic needs


“Do not give them fish, teach them to fish”

Chinese proverb

By providing these financial tools, we must be careful and ensure that the products are appropriate for both: the market and customers.

This is how the SMART Campaign on Client Protection arises. An organization resulting from a global effort of all the agents involved in the microfinance industry whose main objective is to protect the final customer.

Finenza is a Smart Campaign Supporter


Financing of an agroindustry project in Anambé, a village in southern Senegal.

Mansa Bio - Finenza Microfinance

One of our employees went there to check the social impact of our investments. Ananbé, Region that has been waiting for 15 years the financial resources to develop an irrigation system to be able to cultivate during dry season.

The project aims to provide its citizens security in terms of food and income throughout the whole year.

Microfinance conferences in which we participate

Spainsif Conference: ASG Shocks and their impact on investments

Francisco Neri presentation in Spainsif: Case Andhra Pradesh.

Explains the difficulty of a Microfinance asset, its impact on investors and their subsequent solutions.

BlueOrchard Conference

Balance between financial returns and social performance

Event concelebrated between Finenza, FundsPeople and BlueOrchard, to raise awareness of microfinance in Spain